The “Big Move”

Hi Everyone!

So I’ve been on such a long hiatus because I recently packed up my life and moved out to Clifton Park, NY with my boyfriend, Matt. For those of you who don’t know, Clifton Park is a suburb of Albany or Saratoga Springs (depending on how you define the location).

The move was a BIG BIG decision for me, especially since I moved with no job, and only the money I made from my summer waitressing job. I always knew I wanted to move in with Matt after graduation and the fact that it was a place where I had never been before was an added bonus.

How many times in life is there so little holding you back that you can move with no strings attached? Being 22 years old, it seemed like the only option for me. I knew if I didn’t move here and move in with Matt, that I would always wonder and might find myself regretting it. Also, there was almost nothing keeping me in Rochester, other than my friends and family, most of which I know I’ll always have in my life no matter where I live. I had no job, and there is little to no opportunity for advertising, other than a few major agencies.

Anyways, I’ve been living here for almost 4 months now and things are going really well. Although I haven’t yet found my dream full-time job, I’m finally building a network and figuring out where I’ll fit in the landscape of the Capital District. In the meantime, I’m working at a daycare, mainly with 3 year-olds (who I LOVE) and with many women who have changed my outlook on life and I’m so happy to call my new friends. In the mornings, I work as a barista at Starbucks, which is turning out to be a pretty cool job.

Somehow, between my two part time jobs, I manage to pay the bills (well, half since Matt and I split everything 50/50). Including paying rent on a 750 square foot apartment. The good news is, I’ve finally got it close enough to acceptable to finally show pictures of my tiny closet-like domicile.

Here’s my little home. Let’s start wight he front door:


Totally glamorous, right? Especially the shovel. We use that to unbury our cars. We do live in upstate, NY after all 🙂


Love this little board and picture frames my sister gave us before we moved 🙂






Our favorite thing about the apartment: the washer and dryer!












My favorite picture of us 🙂


Matt made this dining room table HIMSELF! I was so proud of him, especially since he had never built anything before. Isn’t it beautiful?






NERD ALERT: My Harry Potter collection and other books 🙂


If you live in a tinny apartment, I 100% suggest buying some cheap bookshelves from target like this one, it maximizes vertical space and creates a TON more storage, not to mention it looks cute.







Again, LOVE the table.




Throw pillows, throw pillows, throw pillows … I love them. They are a cheap way to dress up our old, worn out futon and make it a little more comfortable as well.


Our floating shelves are from IKEA, as is our bed frame and dining chairs.


My beautiful niece, Allison.


Matt has a desktop computer, meaning we had to have a desk somewhere … unfortunately.


The chair belonged to my grandmother and is not all that cute, but its comfortable, free, and kind of growing on me.


We love boardgames!


For all you CC grads, YUP that is an illustration of the high school circa 2009 (pre-renovations).


Hit up Michaels for faux plants and other home decor items, there are always sales and coupons!



The cut out between the living room and kitchen was another favorite thing about this place.


Matt’s “sportchulas”



Artwork by: Sammy Dwyer: finger-painting guru.

And that’s where I live now! It’s not much and it’s not ideal, but We’ve finally made it into a place where we feel at home and I think its not bad for the apartment of two 22 year olds! What do you think?


Why the President Should Wear Pink


This is my niece Allison Rose, born at 7 pounds on February 3, 2013 and she is perfect.

But what will she be like when she’s getting ready to graduate college? What will she be like when she’s a twenty-something? By then, she’ll probably have been told she’s not good enough, more than once. She’ll have been told what she should look like, what she should want out of life, and who she should be. She’ll be told what a girl is supposed to be like, the kinds of dreams a girl should have, and they ways girls should behave.

It was then I realized I never had any of these worries when my nephew was born.


Probably because I know how hard life can be for a girl.

This thought took me back to when I was deciding on some gifts to get Allison before she was born. I knew I wanted to buy her first Barbie. I loved Barbies when I was younger and I wanted to get her something special. So, I set out for Target to get her the first of many dolls she’ll surely have as a little girl.

I started browsing through the doll isle finding pop-star Barbie, pastry chef Barbie, and mommy Barbie. How disgusting. Is that really what I dreamed up as a little girl? To be a baker, a pop-star, and a MOM? It couldn’t be. I started to panic. I didn’t want my niece to grow up thinking she can only amount to the stereotypes laid out for little girls. I was losing hope of finding her a doll that I approved of. And I was slowly losing faith in humanity.

Then I found this:



Among all the glitter, tiny skirts, and long plastic legs, I saw it. Way in the back, there it was … U.S. president Barbie. The blonde, plastic miracle came donned a pink business jacket with a knee-length pencil skirt trimmed in red, white, and blue ruffles. She was standing behind a podium in nothing other than pink plastic Barbie heels. She was perfect. This doll was the epitome of how I want my niece to think about being a woman.

Some would scoff at me for even buying my niece a Barbie doll because it “enforces gender stereotypes.” Others would tell me that I’m being ridiculous for being turned off by a mommy doll, because motherhood is one of the most amazing things of being a woman.

Well, here’s the thing:

So many women today sell themselves short because they’re afraid to be intelligent. Women think that just because they are beautiful, it gives them an excuse to be uninformed and uneducated because they can just be a pop star, or a stay at home mom, right?

Not my niece.

I hope this Barbie shows her that she can have the best of both worlds. If she wears pink, paints her nails, wears make-up and dresses, she can still be powerful. She doesn’t have to choose between beauty and brains. I want this doll to be a reminder to her that she can amount to anything she wants, regardless of her exterior.

This Barbie gives me hope that there are beautiful women out there changing the world. I hope someday there will be a woman president. And when there is, I hope she’s wearing pink.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 12.21.08 PM