Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’ll figure it out when I have a house, or when I get married, or when I have a family, or when I have more money, or …” insert excuse here. I find that so many people in their twenties are constantly waiting to start living the way they want to live. Waiting to lose weight, to get serious about their careers, to start getting smart about money, or to start getting organized. To these people, my questions is this:

Why are you waiting to live the life you truly want to live?

While most people think that being organized is for the old, for the responsible adults who live in permanent houses and are saving for retirement and their child’s college education. Being organized is for people who have their lives figured out. This is so wrong.

Young people have just as much to benefit from being organized as people with houses and spouses and kids.

Why (at any age) are you waiting to make the space you live one that’s comfortable, beautiful and orderly? Why are you settling for a space that is anything less than an oasis? The place where you live is your home. It’s where you go at the end of the day to unwind–to relax with family or friends. It’s the place where you sleep, for heaven’s sake. To me, it doesn’t make much sense to keep your home in a state of disarray that’s constantly stressing you out and causing you anxiety. Even if you’re a renter, or you don’t have a lot of money, you can still make your space functional and beautiful on a budget (this blog is proof)! The truth is …

When our spaces are cluttered and unorganized, so are our minds.

I am a true believer that being an organized person makes life a whole lot easier. Being unorganized causes stress, stress that is brought about by the fear of not knowing where something is when you need it and stress from having more stuff than you could possibly need or use. This kind of stress affects our lives in two big ways.

First, it takes our energy away from what’s most important in life.

It might make it difficult to sleep at night. It may give us an outlet to place negative energy, energy that would be better spent furthering the important things in life, like our relationships, our careers and our experiences. When we waste our energy worrying about things like putting away the laundry because the closet is too full, we miss what’s really happening in our lives. Don’t waste your energy worrying about the little things, and start to focus on the big things, like where you want your career to go, how you’re going to save up enough money for that trip you’ve always wanted to take, or how you’re going to learn the hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

Second, it eats up time we could be using more efficiently

Being organized is not about being perfect. There, I said it. Sometimes highly organized individuals get so wrapped up in making everything look like it came from a Pinterest board, but at it’s very core, organization is about making life more efficient.

If you don’t have to dig through piles of junk to find something, it saves you time. If you can put things away easily without having to find a new place for them each time you tidy, it saves you time. If you can keep systems in place that evolve as your life evolves, you’re saving time. With all the time you save being an organized person, you’re sure to begin to enjoy your life that much more. Use your fertile wisely. You only get on chance to be in your twenties. Do you really want to spend it searching through a cluttered space?

Ultimately, being organized is not goal. The goal is to live your life to the fullest. 

For me, being organized means focusing on my career and spending my free time being young, having fun, and exploring the outdoors while I’m still free of responsibility. Being organized gives me the freedom to travel, to manage my money responsibly and to make the most of my years on this planet.

What does being organized mean to you?


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